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Invoice templates help you save time by automating routine procedures—and they might also keep you from making the occasional mistake on an invoice. How it works? You create an invoice template ahead of time (or while creating a pipeline), so that you can apply it as an automation in any of your pipelines.

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Creating Invoice Templates

An invoice template can be created by a firm owner, Admin, or any employee with access rights to manage templates.

To create an invoice template, go to Settings from the left sidebar, select Templates in the menu bar, then Invoices. Next, click Create Template.

Or access this page by selecting the Create Invoice automation while making or editing a pipeline, then clicking on the New Template button.

See below to read in detail about all the numbered invoice template-creation features here:

1. Template Name: This is what you’ll see when selecting the template.

2. Description: Add a description outlining what is included in the invoice (optional).

3. Send email to client when invoice created: Select this checkbox to inform a client about a new invoice.

4. Pay invoice with credits if available: Toggle that feature to pay an invoice with clients' balance. Learn more about paying on behalf of a client in the article.   
5. Line items: Add a client-facing list of itemized services and discounts.
  • Line item: To add a line item, click the Line item button, then either select the existing service or create a new one. Fill in the Rate (6) field, set the quantity of the service QTY (7), and decide if taxes will be applied for each item.
  • Discount: To add a line item, click the Discount button, then fill in the Rate field. The negative amount will be subtracted from the invoice's Total.
8. Amount: Rate times QTY.

9. Tax: This will automatically add the tax to the invoice. Once the sales tax is been added, you’ll see it reflected in the invoice amount total.  (For more details, go here.)

10. Copy: Press this button to create a copy of the line item. 

11. Summary: Final calculations section.  

12. Tax Rate: Once sales tax is added, it’s reflected in the total (see the article for details).

13. Save: This saves your template for future use.

Applying Invoice Templates

Once you’ve created a template, you can use it to speed up your invoice creation. Here’s how:

1. Create a new invoice by clicking the + NEW button and selecting Invoice.

2. Click the Invoice template list to expand it, then select a template.

3. Continue by setting up the invoice. You can now make changes to the amount, tax rate, etc.


Note! Changes you make to your invoice don’t affect the selected template.

Editing Invoice Templates

To make changes to an invoice template, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings from the left sidebar, select Templates in the menu bar, then select Invoices. Next, click on the invoice template name in the list.

2. Make changes to the invoice template, then click SAVE.

Duplicating Invoice Templates

You can create new invoice templates from existing ones. Click the three dots to the far right of the invoice template name, then select Duplicate from the pull-down. The invoice template copy will be saved with the appropriate suffix (e.g., Form1040 (2)).

Deleting Invoice Templates

To remove an invoice template completely, click the three dots to the far right of the invoice template name, select Delete in the pull-down, then click Delete again to confirm.

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