Import: Troubleshooting

This is a guide for the issues you may encounter when importing your client data to TaxDome. It aims to remedy the basic problems you may have when trying to automatically create accounts and contacts.

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How Do I Convert My CSV File to UTF-8

If your program doesn’t allow you to select the encoding type, you can convert your CSV file to UTF-8 using Notepad.

Here are the steps:

1. Click the Start button, enter notepad in the search field, and then press Enter to launch Notepad.

2. Go to File, select Open, and then select All Files option from the drop-down menu.

3. Select the CSV file that you need to convert to UTF-8, and then click Open. The file will be opened in Notepad.

4. Go to File, select Save As, and then add .csv to the file name (otherwise, file will be saved as a .txt).

5. Go to the Encoding drop-down menu, select UTF-8, then click Save. You can now upload the CSV file to TaxDome.

How Can I Add Additional Contacts through import
If you would like to link more contacts to an account - you can do so manually or by more imports.
If you import contacts to an existing account, so long as the column that is mapped to Account Name is the same, it will link the new contact to the existing account. No duplicate accounts will be created.

How Can I Delete All Accounts/Contacts Added During Import

If something went wrong during accounts/contacts import, you can easily delete all accounts/contacts created.

1. Click on the FILTER button on the far right of the menu bar on the Accounts/Contacts page.

2. Select the date and time of your import under the Imported at filter. The most recent one is always displayed at the top.

3. Click APPLY, then select the checkbox above the list.

4. Click on the three-dots icon at the top, click Delete, then click CONFIRM.

Forgot to Add Client Portal Access or Activate Accounts During Import

If you didn’t map the Email property to the email field from your spreadsheet during the import process, the accounts will have linked contacts, but those contacts won’t be able to log on to TaxDome or receive notifications. Those accounts will be offline, which is indicated by a yellow icon.

If you would like the offline accounts to become active, you can do another import with the same CSV file.

This time, though, map the TaxDome Email property to your spreadsheet’s email columns but skip mapping the other contact fields. Then map the TaxDome Account Name property to your spreadsheet’s account name. At this point, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to turn on the portal access (by turning on the LOGIN toggle) and send your clients invitations to use their TaxDome portal (by turning on the Send Invitation toggle), or you can do this later from the Pending Activation subtab in the Accounts tab.

This will populate the email fields in the profile access section but won’t create duplicate accounts (as long as the account name fields match).

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